Building a PVC organ

Building a PVC organ

My first project of permanent instrument, a 54 pvc flutes organ, keyboard powered with a balloon and air pumps, invading two complete walls.

The organ project

This project will take place in the Maison de la Pataphonie in Dinant, Belgium. The Pataphons want to offer some carte blanches to some instrument creators, I’m honored to be the first one!

The Pataphons offer interactive sound and music tours to visitors, one of the instrument constraints will be to be playable by several people at the same time.

There will be two sets of 4 inflators, two keyboards of 9 plastic pumps and a 20 keys wooden keyboard.

The other constraint being not to drill 400 holes in the stone walls, the flutes will be fixed on wooden boards.

Flutes and keyboard

The flutes were built in my workshop, 70 flutes (to be large) roughly pre-tuned, the tuning will be done on the spot, realized by Sandrine Morais and myself.

For the keyboard, I called my coworker Benoît Poulain who built it in 2 days, with a system already experimented on other prototypes: 20 keys, a sealed air tank powered by a inflated balloon with a foot inflator, each key opens an exit to a flute.


I join the pataphons, Michel Rossi-Mori and Olivier Gobert, for one week residence at the Maison de la Pataphonie, keyboard and flute with me.

Day 1: shopping, measuring, cutting boards, making boxes for pump keyboards, varnish, drawing on walls

Day 2: fixing the boards on the wall, installation of the fixed-tubes which will hold the flutes, gluing the flutes heads, air extensions installation

Day 3: keyboard installation, air pipes installation, gluing pipes and fixing the pump keyboards

Day 4: air pipes for the foot pumps, gluing the pumps, air extensions pipes, cutting and installation, building the keyboard power supply system, first flute sound!

Day 5: inflators placement and air extensions, flute installation, fine tuning of the keyboard organ flutes

Day 6: tuning the remaining flutes, adjustments and finishes, video shooting

Here is a video visit of the finished instrument :

I’m working on a video montage with sound, I’ll add it to the article when it’s done!

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