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Fly Case Cajon and Sanza

Building the cajon The project: a homemade cajon from an old fly case, an order for a young public spectacle creation These fly cases are recoveries of an old tour of Francis Cabrel (really), first […]


Slide guitar : bicycle parts

The electric slide guitar is a very open instrument concerning manufacturing, few adjustments and great freedom in materials and possible objects! For the basics, take a look at the video tutorial here: We’re gonna take […]

From The Workshop

Building a PVC organ

Building a PVC organ My first project of permanent instrument, a 54 pvc flutes organ, keyboard powered with a balloon and air pumps, invading two complete walls. The organ project This project will take place […]

From The Workshop

Jerrican Lyres, with Dieudonné Fokou

It is the beginning of a working residence in my workshop with cameroonian sculptor Dieudonné Fokou (visit his page, he does a great job, even without me!), Our missions: building a more than 3 […]