Fly Case Cajon and Sanza

Building the cajon

The project: a homemade cajon from an old fly case, an order for a young public spectacle creation

These fly cases are recoveries of an old tour of Francis Cabrel (really), first step, cut out the location of the board.

For the cajon board, I used 5mm okoumé plywood, screwed directly into the fly case.

To make the snare of the instrument, I cut in two a snare from a snare drum, screwed the two pieces on a cleat, and screwed the cleat so that the two pieces of snare are pressed against the top of the board, to obtain the characteristic sound of the cajon.

For the back opening, not having a hole saw of sufficient diameter, I did that (it works):

Building the sanza

To have a powerful and bass sanza, I have a favorite object: the knife.

I cut the handles to avoid parasites and do not hang everything with, but we can leave them to get with the old knives a « vibraslap » effect:

The tuning is simply made by leaving more or less length on played part.

I will update the article when the spectacle will be created,

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have a good music and good crafts!

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