Plans and measurements – Patete Wayana nasal flute

Plans and measurements – Patete Wayana nasal flute


The Patete flute is a side hole flute blown with one nostril, the other nostril being blocked by pressing it on the pipe. The flute is blocked on each side with beeswax. The hole is placed away from the block, unlike usual flutes. It has three playing holes, two played with the right hand and one played with the left hand, a rather unusual hole, located between the block and the playing hole.

To read the plans, I invite you to refer to the article How to read wind instruments plans.

Source: Makuwé Pimkani, musician, flute maker, Twenké village, French Guiana


Wayana nasal flute d. 20mm
bouchon cire = wax block
embouchure = blowing hole

I do not master this instrument’s playing technique for now, but I am actively training,

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