Tin Can Cymbalum

Here you will find informations for the building of the tin can cymbalum, if you didn’t saw the video tutorial first I invite you to take a look:

I use 8mm diameter threaded rod, a good compromise between strength and weight,

For guitar pegs, on the video version, the building is simple, the string goes directly from the pegs to the tin can,

on the other models I made, I added a bridge to offer a better support for the string, you choose!


(the one on the video)

I use small tin cans (7.1 cm long, 6.5 cm diameter), for practical reasons and sound, but we can use all the sizes and diameters, the tone of the instrument will change, do not hesitate to try!

The width of the planks must be a little larger than the tin cans so they do not touch each other,

here are the lengths for the video model:

Then I add two reinforcement planks screwed to the other side, which hold everything together. Small advice, drill the boards and install the pegs before screwing everything together.

On each side, drill a 8mm hole for the threaded rod, and a 10m hole for the pegs (or adapt according to your own pegs!)

In the video I first refinish the board with a 25mm bit before drilling in 10mm, otherwise my board is too wide to properly fix the pegs.

The strings are chosen according to the vibrating length, I base myself on the equivalent note for an electric guitar, and I adapt quite widely, knowing that it is better to prefer the under-tension than an over-tension. Here for the video model:

14 strings model and 6 double strings model are coming on this same page, in the next days!

Feel free to comment, send me your prototypes and experiments to advance this article, which will evolve with new research, I wish you good DIY and good music!

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  1. Hi! With tunning You use on 14 strings?
    Thank You I’m from Brasil and I’m a huge fan for your work and instruments!
    Best regards!

  2. Thank you very much from Sardinia! You gave me the opportunity to make my first instrument – your instrument!!! (the 12 double strings – pentatonic A minor) and I’m very happy! Thanks for your creativity and generosity!

  3. Hi, can’t find the 14 strings model and 6 double strings models you mention at the end, are they published? Thanks

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